Kep (Krong Kaeb) is a popular seaside holiday destination in Cambodia, with its pristine long white sandy beach and beautiful sunsets. The family-friendly destination is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the fresh seafood and in particular the famous crab dishes.

Things to see and do in Kep
  • Kep beach
  • Kep national park and butterfly farms
  • Kep crab market
  • Rabbit island


The riverside city of Kampot is another ideal weekend getaway destination in Cambodia, with its colonial French buildings and looming Bokor Mountain and National Park. The Kampot pepper is world famous and a variety of hotels and restaurants in Kampot serve excellent food.

Things to see and do in Kampot
  • Bokor Hill Station and Bokor National Park
  • Kampot pepper farms
  • Tek Chhou Waterfall


Sihanoukville is well known for its large number of hotels and nightlife with the biggest concentration of casinos in Cambodia. There are also some great beaches such as Independance and Otres beaches. It’s also a gateway to many beautiful islands like Koh Rong. The Sihanoukville international airport makes it easily accessible for domestic and international travel.

Things to see and do in Sihanoukville:
  • Island visits – Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem
  • Beaches – Otres and Independence beaches
  • Ream National Park
  • Nightlife


Ha Tien is a well-known town near the Vietnam-Cambodia Prek Chak international border and is only 15 minutes from the Ha Tien Vegas Resort. Ha Tien is an easy town from which to get an express ferry to Phu Quoc island. There are some other attractions in town like the Thach Dong Cave (Buddhist pagoda) and the nearby Mui Nai beach.

Things to see and do Ha Tien:
  • Mui Nai beach
  • Thach Dong Cave
  • Gateway to Phu Quoc
  • Ha Tien Vegas Resort


Phu Quoc island is a very popular destination for holidaymakers from Vietnam and overseas. The island is very easy to get to from Ha Tien via ferry (less than 90 minutes and 40 KM) and Phu Quoc airport means tourists can fly in from around the region. The island has a number of luxurious hotels and resorts and is well known for its fresh seafood. The Corona Resort is based there and is the largest casino business complex in Vietnam.

Vietnamese citizens need to provide their ID, proof of income, and be a minimum age of 21 to enter the casino at Corona Resort. International guests at Corona are required to show their passport and register for the players club. At Ha Tien Vegas Resort it is optional for our international guests to register and they can freely enter the property.

Things to see and do on Phu Quoc island:
  • Beaches
  • Corona Casino
  • Nightlife
  • Duong Dong Night Market


Rach Gia is around 5-6 hours by road from Ho Chi Minh but the airport at Rach Gia also allows travellers to fly in more easily. The closest international border checkpoint from Rach Gia is at Ha Tien, a journey of around 2 hours. The city is also a launching point to reach Phu Quoc island in addition to other lesser-known islands such as Nam Du Island and Hon Son Island.

Things to see and do in Rach Gia:
  • Nam Du island & Hon Son Island
  • Gateway to Phu Quoc

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