Travel to Rach Gia – The beautiful coastal city of Kien Giang, Vietnam (Part 2)

After exploring the famous cultural and historical places in Rach Gia city in part 1, let’s continue the journey with Ha Tien Vegas to discover 4 other attractive destinations here: An Hoa Cultural Park , Rach Gia Pier, Visit the night market and Shopping Center 30/4.

1.   An Hoa Cultural Park

If you are wondering which Rach Gia destination is interesting, the best answer will lie in An Hoa cultural park with a total area of more than 52 hectares. Here, visitors will experience many exciting, thrilling games and visit a cool, pleasant park space. Besides, this is also known as a quality “virtual living” check-in point in the city – Rach Gia.

2.   Rach Gia Pier

For those who often go to the islands in the Rach Gia area, this pier is no longer strange. In addition to being an easy place to get on boats, this place is also loved by many young people for its super “cool” check-in scene. You can walk around and admire the typical river landscape of the peaceful, gentle West.

3.   Visit Rach Gia night market

Rach Gia Night Market is a place that clearly shows the culture and daily life of the people of the Western region. During the visit, tourists not only discover many new things, unique to the land of Rach Gia, Kien Giang. Besides, you can also buy specialties as gifts for family and friends after your trip.

4.   Shopping center 30/4

Coming to shopping center 30/4will help you find out what Rach Gia has to offer. This is a commercial center system with an area of about 16,402m2, the largest scale in the Kien Giang area and sells a variety of products. Visitors can not only visit, but also buy many of their favorite items as souvenirs.

Wishing you a fun and meaningful trip to Rach Gia! Looking forward to part 3 of this article!

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Just visiting Rach Gia, you can take advantage of Ha Tien city to visit more interesting places and stay overnight at Ha Tien Vegas right next to Ha Tien – Kampong Trach border gate and continue your journey to explore Ha Tien. Tien or Kampot the next day.

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