Explore Ha Tien: Unveiling a Gem in Southern Vietnam (Part 2)

After exploring Thach Dong, Hang Pagoda, and Phu Tu island in part 1, Ha Tien still possesses a long list of attractive attractions, promising to bring visitors unforgettable experiences. Ha Tien Vegas will give you 4 more famous attractions that you cannot miss when traveling to Ha Tien in your journey to explore Kien Giang:

1. Thanh Hoang Temple:

Located in Quarter 1, Dong Ho Ward, Ha Tien Town, Dinh Than Thanh Hoang is an ancient communal house more than 250 years old. This place worships the ancestors who were instrumental in discovering and expanding the ancient land of Ha Tien, including three people in the pavilion: Opening the town of Thuong Tru Quoc Vu Nghi Cong Mac Cuu in the reign of King Minh Mang, General of the army, Grand Admiral Mac. Thien Tich in the reign of Lord Nguyen Phuc Chu and General Mac Tu Sanh in the reign of Lord Nguyen Anh. Thanh Hoang Temple is not only a spiritual attraction but also a place to preserve precious traditional cultural values of Ha Tien.

History and architecture:

  • Initially, Thanh Hoang’s communal house was roofed with very simple leaves. In 1835, the communal house was remodeled and built into a temple roofed with thatched grass. Ha Tien people restored the communal house again, this time on a larger scale in 1888. After more than 250 years of history, Thanh Hoang Than’s Communal House has been recognized as the Great Emperor. Restored many times but still retains the unique traditional architecture.
  • Thanh Hoang’s communal house consists of 3 compartments: Main hall, left porch, right porch connected to the vestibule to form a mouth-shaped complex. In the middle of the yard is a skylight, used as a place to worship the spirits. Thanh Hoang’s communal house associated with the system of pagodas, mausoleums and cultural activities such as Ky Yen Ceremony, Mac Cuu Ceremony… is one of the communal houses with tangible and intangible values.
  • Inside the pavilion, gods are worshiped, including Khai Thuong Tru Quoc Vu Nghi Cong Mac Cuu, General Admiral Mac Thien Tich and General Mac Tu Sanh.

Cultural and spiritual values:

  • Thanh Hoang Temple is an important historical and cultural relic of Kien Giang province, recognized as a provincial-level historical and cultural relic on November 23, 2010.
  • Thanh Hoang Than Temple is also a place to organize traditional festivals, contributing to preserving and promoting national cultural identity. Every year, on the 15th, 16th, and 17th days of the second lunar month, Thanh Hoang’s temple organizes Ky Yen worship with many cultural activities imbued with national identity. Next is the colorful procession ceremony. After the singing festival is finished, you will see a procession with lanterns, drums, flutes, flags and a lion dance team. The unique festival has attracted many tourists to attend.
Có lẽ đây là tấm hình xưa nhất về Đình Thần Thành Hoàng Bổn Cảnh Xã Mỹ Đức ngày xưa ở Hà Tiên. Hình sưu tầm do người Pháp chụp, năm 1890
Có lẽ đây là tấm hình xưa nhất về Đình Thần Thành Hoàng Bổn Cảnh Xã Mỹ Đức ngày xưa ở Hà Tiên. Hình sưu tầm do người Pháp chụp, năm 1890

To get here, you can ride a motorbike or rent a motorbike taxi to go sightseeing. Usually the area has many motorbike taxis at Ha Tien bus station and near Ha Tien market. Or if you encounter a buggy – you should experience it once to visit the tourist attractions here, it will be very interesting.

2. Mac Family Temple:

When visitors come to Ha Tien, a peaceful border city, everyone wants to visit the temple and mausoleum of the Mac family, starting with Mac Cuu, who publicly destroyed the land of Ha Tien more than 300 years ago. Mac Cuu Tomb Relic Area belongs to Binh San relic complex, ranked as a national scenic area since 1989, located on Mac Cuu street at the foot of Binh San mountain, in Binh San ward, Ha Tien city, Kien Giang province.

History and architecture:

Mac Cuu mausoleum relic area includes: temple, Mac Cuu mausoleum along with 59 other large and small mausoleums of relatives and attached to the Mac family’s career in Ha Tien land.

Mac Cuu’s mausoleum and temple were designed and built by Mac Thien Tich (Mac Cuu’s eldest son) from 1735 to 1739. The temple’s front faces east, where To Chau mountain and Dong Ho water flow are located. The back leans against the sturdy arc-shaped cliff, on the left is Bat Giac Mountain; On the right is Dai Kim Du.

In front of the temple are two large ponds filled with lotus flowers that Mac Cuu previously had dug to get fresh water for the people in the area to use during the dry season.

khu di tich lang mac cuu ha tien kien giang vietnam.jpg

3. Standing Stone Mountain:

Da Dung Mountain is located in My Duc commune, Ha Tien town, Kien Giang province, near the Vietnam – Cambodia border. From Ha Tien town, follow Highway 80 to near Thach Dong, turn right and go about 2.5km more to reach Da Dung mountain. Da Dung Mountain is about 100m high, so named because of the shape of the mountain that people here named. This place was once an important strategic location in the history of protecting the country. It is the mountain that contributed to the nation in the two wars before 1975. Da Dung Mountain was chosen as the base for revolutionary activities. of our nation. In the years 1977 – 1978, this was an outpost in the Southwest border war. Coming to visit Da Dung Mountain, tourists not only discover beautiful caves but also learn more about a historical relic of the country . Da Dung Mountain is an ideal destination for those who love to explore and explore. experience, with caves containing many mysteries and majestic natural scenery.

Wild and majestic beauty:

  • Da Dung Mountain, also known as Chau Nham Lac Lo, is a mountain about 100m high, located about 6km northwest of Ha Tien town center.
  • Da Dung Mountain possesses wild, majestic beauty with rocks stacked randomly, creating strange and unique shapes.
  • Standing inside Da Dung mountain looking out, visitors can see the wonderful beauty of the landscape and nature of Ha Tien land. Surrounding the mountain are rice fields stretching as far as the eye can see, lots of swamps and bushes creating a wild and exciting landscape.

Mysterious cave system:

  • Da Dung Mountain has about 14 large and small caves connected together to form mysterious “mazes” and have the beauty of a carved stone painting.
  • Some famous caves here include: Coi Hang Gia, Than Kim Quy Cave, Lau Chuong Cave ..
  • Inside the caves there are many stalactites and stalagmites with magical shapes.

4. Lamp Mountain:

Den Mountain, also known as Light Mountain, is a coastal mountain with a lighthouse over a hundred years old. This place is considered a “savior” for ships in this sea, helping them dock safely every night. Den Mountain possesses beautiful natural scenery, with one side being mountains, the other side being the sea, and poetic rows of casuarinas. Visitors can reach the top of Den Mountain to see the panoramic view of the peaceful, romantic Ha Tien city and enjoy the cool breezes from the sea.

Travel to Nui Den Ha Tien Kien GIang

Ha Tien Lamp Mountain Kien Giang is located about 18km from the center of Ha Tien town. To get to this location, visitors first need to get to Ha Tien by bus or personal vehicle, depending on the departure location. When you reach the center of Ha Tien town, follow DT28 road about 5.4km with 13 minutes of travel to reach this location. In general, the road is quite beautiful and close, so you can ride a motorbike to be proactive in your travel time.

Den Mountain is famous for its more than a hundred year old lighthouse, located at the top of Den Nho mountain. When coming here, visitors will be able to see the entire majestic and poetic scenery of the mountains, rivers and sea from above. In particular, coming here at dawn or dusk, the scenery is ten thousand times more beautiful and lyrical, like a fairyland.

Part 2 of the blog took you to famous attractions such as the Thanh Hoang Temple, Mac Family Temple, Da Rong Mountain and Den Mountain. With detailed descriptions of the history, architecture and cultural values of each attraction, we hope you have gained more knowledge about this beautiful land of Ha Tien.

Please continue to follow part 3 of the blog to discover other attractive destinations in Ha Tien.

Wishing you a fun and meaningful trip to Ha Tien!

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