Explore Ha Tien: Unveiling a Gem in Southern Vietnam (Part 3)

Ha Tien, a land known as “paradise on earth”, has long been a destination attracting many tourists because of its poetic, charming beauty and unique historical and cultural values. After exploring famous attractions such as Thach Dong, Den Mountain, Mac Family Temple…, in this part 3, we will continue our journey to explore the remaining four attractive destinations in Ha Tien.

1. Mui Nai Beach:

Mui Nai Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ha Tien, with fine white sand, blue sea water and romantic coconut rows. This is an ideal destination for tourists to relax, swim and participate in recreational activities at sea.

Island paradise:

  • Mui Nai Beach is known as Ha Tien’s “island paradise” with long stretches of fine white sand, blue sea water and romantic coconut rows.
  • This is an ideal destination for tourists to relax, swim, and participate in recreational activities at sea such as windsurfing, kayaking, paragliding ,…
  • Visitors can also enjoy fresh seafood at coastal restaurants.

Diverse tourism activities:

  • Mui Nai Beach is also an ideal destination for tourists who love to explore wild nature.
  • Visitors can trekking, climbing or participating in picnic activities in the area around the beach.
  • This place also has many resorts and high-class hotels to serve the relaxation needs of tourists.

2. Ha Tien Market:

Ha Tien Market is a busy, bustling market full of items from food, souvenirs to local specialties. Visitors can come here to shop, enjoy cuisine and experience local culture.

Cho Ha tien, du lich kien giang
Ha tien Market , Kien Giang

Shopping heaven:

Ha Tien Market is expanding and extending day by day, developing into a busy shopping area with many stalls selling specialties such as dried squid, fresh and dried seafood, Thai tamarind or green tea, forest tea… along with other goods. Handicrafts made of stone, shells, glass, and plastic are sold on the sidewalk. That is the cultural crystallization between the Vietnamese – Chinese – Khmer ethnic groups, attracting the curiosity of tourists coming here.

At night at Ha Tien market, visitors will see the noise, joy, and bustle of this place. The nightlife food street attracts many tourists to stop and enjoy specialties: Ha Tien sticky rice, noodles, Giac snails, blood cockles, Mui Nai’s ” exclusive” delicacy is sour soup with fish with lemongrass and turmeric. with bamboo shoots…Or enjoy roadside pubs with a few simple drinks such as dried stingray, dried squid, and shellfish. Coming here, you will have a very different experience of Ha Tien night market with your family and friends. Don’t forget to bring back a few Ha Tien specialties here as gifts!

3. Bang Beach

Previously, Bang beach was not included in the list of tourist attractions in Ha Tien, but today Bang beach is known to tourists for its pristine beauty. Located connected to the front beach of Mui Nai, about 6 km from Ha Tien town center. Currently, the beach is increasingly being exploited for tourism.

The beach here is clean, with long stretches of white sand but still carries a quiet, peaceful, gentle feel that enters the hearts of tourists when they set foot on the pristine and charming Bang beach. A piece of advice for tourists coming here, feel free to roll around on the sandy beaches, play exciting beach games, sunbathe or walk on the long white sand beaches to welcome the sunset.

4. Pirate Island:

Pirate Island, is a pristine island with beautiful beaches and green coconut groves, located in Tien Hai commune, Ha Tien district. This place is nearly 28 km from Ha Tien coast and 40 km from Phu Quoc island. This is an ideal destination for tourists to camp, picnic and immerse themselves in nature.

Pristine, mysterious island:

  • Right from the name, tourists coming here can imagine a past on the island. In the past, the archipelago was an ideal place for pirates to reside, hide, and attack passing merchant ships, as well as a place to hide treasure. Therefore, Pirate Island is an important trade route with Western countries. This is what makes the island more special and attracts more and more tourists.
  • Visitors can camp, picnic, swim or participate in trekking and climbing activities.
  • You can travel to Ha Tien by many means: motorbike for those who like to travel, car or maybe a passenger car. Then from Ha Tien you will travel by boat to the island. The best time to come here is during the dry season because the sea is quite calm and clear, but still directly affected by storms.

Wishing you a fun and meaningful trip to Ha Tien!

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Just visiting Ha Tien, you can stay overnight at Ha Tien Vegas right next to Ha Tien – Kampong Trach border gate and continue your journey to explore Ha Tien or Kampot the next day.

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